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It all started during the height of the pandemic when I forgot my godson’s birthday. As a busy mom of three, I found myself drowning in mental tasks while the world had seemingly stopped and his birthday just slipped my mind. How could this happen? Because as busy people, especially as moms, we are seemingly expected to “do it all”, remember it all. As I scrambled to purchase something quickly from a major gift-churning company, I didn’t feel good about the process at all. I knew there had to be a better way.

Hi, I’m Sadie, the founder of Gleam. And I am hoping that we can positively impact the way people view and approach gift-gifting.

Gleam sends gift suggestions based on your loved ones’ INTERESTS with reminders ahead of each birthday or anniversary so you’ll always remember their special day…and not be a terrible godmother, like me.

My favorite part? We only recommend gifts from SMALL BUSINESSES and businesses whose mission values align with our own. We look for SUSTAINABLE and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY companies.

I am SO EXCITED for you to give Gleam a try and feel the stress melt away…giving gifts they really want from businesses you feel good about supporting!

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