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Gleam sends you personalized gift suggestions based on your loved ones’ interests. We remind you ahead of each person’s birthday and special event so you always remember to send them a gift or a simple text, whatever feels right to you. All of our gift suggestions come from small businesses and companies with solid mission statements, focusing on sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Your recipients will have the ability to state what they don’t like so you’ll never gift a bath bomb to someone who hates a spa day (they exist!). Send your child’s curated list before birthdays or major holidays or send your own (your’s will always be a surprise to you!).
Why not? It’s completely FREE. It saves you TIME. And it feels GOOD.
We research companies and buy from as many of them as we can to test quality. We also scour the web for reviews and have an in-team guru with a background in non-profits who finds amazing businesses with awesome missions (she’s pretty cool). In the near future we will be doing on site visits to get to know our partners even better.
Certainly! Please send businesses to consider to Keep in mind we look for independent retailers and artisans that are mission-driven and strive for sustainability.

Nope! We do have affiliate agreements with some of the shops we source from. If you purchase from them, we receive a small commission, but it doesn’t affect the price you pay.

We also source from companies that we do not have affiliate agreements with. Our primary goal is to show you gifts from independent businesses and artisans who meet our mission-driven criteria, whether or not we earn money from the sale.

Short answer: we respect your privacy. We don't share personally identifiable information without your express permission.

Long answer: see our privacy policy.

Well, we might be working on that. Or we might not have thought of it! Please send ideas for making the Gleam experience better to
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